AMOR PRESENT Inflatable Glitter Beach Ball 16″ Accessory Confetti Pink


The pink beach ball ismade of PVC vinyl. UV protection.
The size of the ball is 16×16 inches.
There are golden confetti in the beach ball, as well as a valve system for quick inflation and deflation.
Kids and adults can play with the ball on the beach and play in the pool in summer. Enjoy different water games and have a perfect summer time.
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  • Material: Made of quality PVC vinyl, with a quick valve system and lots of shiny golden confetti.
  • Size: After filling the beach ball, the size of the ball is 16×16 inches. After the gas is removed, the compact design does not take up a lot of storage space.
  • Unique design: UV protection protects beach balls from fading or cracking and can be reused continuously. The interior of the beach ball is filled with a lot of shiny golden confetti, which is paired with the spherical pink to make the ball shine in the sun.
  • Easy to inflate: With a quick valve system that uses a pump or exhaled air to enter the valve system, the ball can be easily inflated in seconds. When you finish the day’s activities, you can open the valve and let the extra air out of the ball, which is convenient to store and save space.
  • Fun summer activities: Inflated pink beach balls filled with golden confetti will make summer fun, a perfect summer gift for kids and adults. You can take it to a beach party, a pool party, and it can be used as a volleyball or football. It is the perfect companion for vacation water games.
Weight 3.98 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6.2 × 0.2 in


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